Inverness Elementary Holds ESL Night for Parents

IES ESL 1 IES ESL 2Inverness Elementary School recently held its annual ESL night for parents of English Language Learners on January 22.. This collaborative effort by the ESL teachers, classroom teachers, and literacy coach offered parents information about the language arts curriculum in Shelby County and how parents can best support their child’s learning at home.

Over 30 families attended the event. Parents were able to observe a whole group language arts lesson led by first grade teacher Kelly Failla that focused on narrative writing.  Parents were also invited to join in by creating a piece of writing with their child.

Christine Hoffman, principal of Inverness Elementary School, said the goal of the ESL night was to strengthen the relationship between home and school and to assist parents in improving student achievement through a focus on writing.

“The night was a perfect blend of learning and socialization for our parents, students, and staff,” said Hoffman.  “This event supports the motto of Inverness Elementary School: A Great Place To Grow.”

Families each brought in a snack to share, most representing a variety of different cultures, which provided a more relaxed atmosphere for learning. Ivonne Hernandez, a parent at the school, said the meeting was very important because the parents had the opportunity to know the strategies used for their children to learn the language so they could reinforce them at home.

“The topic was very interesting,” Hernandez said. “It allowed us to see how our children work in class. The classes in school seem to be an enjoyable learning experience.”


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