Montevallo High Completes Another Successful Round of Report Card Conferences

Last week, Montevallo High School successfully completed its second round of report card conferences with all grade levels. The program is another strong learning support that MHS has implemented to provide the best support, motivation, and growth opportunities for each and every student.

Principal Wesley Hester said with each passing conference session, the relationships and positive expectations grow between the students and their respective conference mentors. Both students and mentors look forward to the sessions, as they engage in conversations about academics, extracurricular activities, motivations for success, and other ideas and methods of personal development.

“The mentors are leaders and valued stakeholders within the Montevallo community, who graciously volunteer their time to form relationships with the high school students,” said Hester. “These positive relationships create an expectation for excellence and an accountability among students to achieve at higher levels, because of their mentors’ expectations or because they shared ideas that help students achieve at higher levels.”

Hester said the conferences are beneficial to all students, not just students who may struggle earning good grades. Students are learning how to network and communicate effectively with adults, who many times are strangers in the beginning.

“The conferences help students to build confidence and it places them in situations where they reflect on and communicate the stories behind their performance as a student,” Hester said. “It is a tremendously valuable program that will continue to grow in expectation and involvement.”

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