Vincent Elementary Kicks Off School-Wide Clubs

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A $1,000 grant from CITGO Petroleum and support from other local businesses has enabled Vincent Elementary School to kickoff a new school-wide program offering club opportunities to all of their students.
The students in K-5 and the entire faculty at Vincent Elementary participated in the new clubs for one hour on January 30.
What a wonderful way to end the month of January!Ā  Each club consisted of 30-35 students across all grade levels,” said principal, Dr. Linda Campanotta.
The clubs included photography, gardening, dancing, cooking, board games, team sports, crafts, building, art, music, Legos, and drama.Ā  TheĀ faculty wasĀ surveyed in December to select their top three clubs they would like to helpĀ facilitate.Ā  Next, the students completed a survey, selecting their top three club choices.Ā  All students were able to be placed in their first or second choice.
“This would not have been possible without theĀ supportĀ from CITGO Petroleum,” said Ā Campanotta. Ā “Not only didĀ Vincent receive a check from the corporate office in Texas for $1,000, but the local office in Birmingham delivered cooking tubs filled with cooking supplies, gardening tubs filled with gardening supplies, and chess and checker sets for the board game club.”
“Another special thank you to the four ladies from Home Depot in Sylacauga,” Campanotta said. “They came prepared with buildingĀ supplies, tools,Ā and aprons for theĀ building club.Ā  Each student left with a wooden piggy bank they built themselves.Ā  This club was a hit thanks to their help and expertise.”
Campanotta said it was exciting to watch the older students helping the younger students understand how to play a board game, learn the steps to the dance, or find the brick that was needed to construct the Lego structure they were trying to build.
The students and facultyĀ are looking forward to their next club day, which will be held on February 27.

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  1. It was an awesome experience for both the faculty and students.

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