Montevallo Middle School Students Commemorate September 11 With Memorial Display

Students at Montevallo Middle School commemorated September 11, 2001, by focusing on the positive.  After a discussion about the events of that day in seventh and eighth grade Language Arts classes, students were asked to reflect on what they appreciate about America.  Students recorded their thoughts on an index card and then illustrated them.

With help from the media center, the cards were collected and used to create a memorial monument that was displayed outside of the school on the September 11 anniversary.

“I am proud of the compassion conveyed by these students and the collaboration of the MMS teachers. The monument is truly inspirational,” said MMS Principal Shelia Lewis.

Additionally, the seventh-grade teachers also commemorated the day by encouraging students to take the 9/11 Good Deed Challenge.  This challenge encourages students to pledge to do a good deed and then share it with friends.  Students signed a pledge poster to commit to doing something positive on September 11.

“I hope that students will use these projects as an opportunity to reflect on the positive things America has to offer as a way of honoring the price that was paid that day,” said Evelyn Moore, seventh grade Language Arts teacher.

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  1. As always, kudos to Betsy Moore and the ELA department at MMS. They always produce wonderful remembrances for September 11! It looks fantastic!

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