OMIS Cafeteria Welcomes “Mystery Servers” to Promote Eating a Healthy Breakfast

OMHS groupAbout 215 Oak Mountain Intermediate students attended breakfast last Thursday in order to discover the identity of the “Mystery Server.”  But instead of finding one “Mystery Server” they found several, who also happened to be some of their older role models from right next door at Oak Mountain High School.

Child Nutrition Manager JoAnn Colvin invited football players and cheerleaders from OMHS to participate in the  “Mystery Server” activity where a community leader or guest of some kind serves the OMIS students breakfast one morning to encourage everyone to eat a good nutritious breakfast at school. OMHS football players Justice Hammond, Armond Lloyd, Hall Morton, Coleman Reeves, and Warren Shader served the students on one of the serving lines, while cheerleaders Holly Alvendia, Christina Dorsey, and Grace Riddle served on the other line.

OMHS group 2As the OMIS students entered the serving area, the football players enthusiastically encouraged them to come to their line as the cheerleaders cheered them to come to the cheerleader line.

“It was so much fun for the older students as well as the younger ones,” said Child Nutrition Program Area Manager LeighFran Jones. “The high school students were all so polite and such good sports to do this for us. The OMIS Child Nutrition Program fed about 75 more students than they usually do, so the cafeteria staff was also very happy with the results.”


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