Calera Middle School Teachers Collaborate on Plant and Animal Cell Project

Students at Calera Middle School recently learned about plant and animal cells in a very creative way after three teachers teamed up to teach across the curriculum.

Science teacher Abigail Mire, art teacher Nina Frazier, and Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Kelli Smith recently joined forces to create a hands-on lesson based on the seventh grade science objectives.  The final culmination of the project involved Family and Consumer Sciences students, who demonstrated their cake baking skills by making cakes that resemble plant and animal cells.

The project began with Ms. Mire’s students designing a diagram using candy to identify each part of the cell.  In art, Ms. Frazier also taught students how to paint different parts of the cells using watercolor paint and oil pastels.

“All three student groups¬†worked together to decorate each cake based on the students‚Äô diagrams,” said Principal Branden Vincent. “Once the cell cakes were complete, judges determined which cake best resembled each cell type and the groups got to eat the fruits of their labor.”


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  1. Outstanding creative collaboration. Thank you for all of your hard work with the children.

  2. Good job, Abby!

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