Week of January 4 – 8, 2010

Teacher Workday – No students

The students will refresh their memory of expected behaviors, supplies, and level of work in Social Studies class.
In-Class Writing Prompt:
“Write a 5 sentence paragraph describing the things you did, places you went, or other unique experiences you had during your holiday break.”

We will begin our study of World War II with Chapter 26, Section 1: Road to War
Students will outline Chapter 26, “World War II” in the Class Notes section of their Social Studies notebook.

Class discussion on timeline of early World War II; students will explore events in Europe and the Pacific that set the stage for war;
In-class assignment: define vocabulary words for Chapter 26, Section 1: dictator, fascism, anti-Semitism, totalitarian, appeasement (pg. 752)
finish defining vocabulary words if not completed during class

Students will identify key players on the warfront, specifically key countries and their leaders; students will individually create a chart displaying this information that will be referenced throughout the study of WWII;

Keep warm this week & weekend!!!!

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