The evening before the first day of school………

Good evening!

I wanted to update all my folks on how things are looking on the Green Team! All your teachers have been working like bees getting things organized and ready for you all to be here Monday morning! As I sit here at my desk, there are a few things I want to let you know:

#1 For those students who pre-ordered school supplies, I have them here for you in my classroom with your name on them.

#2 I also have HMS agendas for those students who ordered & paid for them at registration this summer (or pre-ordered last school year!).

#3 Make sure you bring a sharpened pencil & some paper with you to math class tomorrow… never know what we might do during class!

#4 Eat a good breakfast & get ready for one of the fastest days of the whole school year!!

Looking forward to some bright, smiling faces tomorrow morning!
Mrs. Horton

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