Week of August 27 – 31

Wow! What a bustling start to our new school year! Students on the Green Team seem to be ready with their basic mathematical skills, including multiplying with 2-digit numbers. This week we will continue to refine those multiplication skills as we prepare for decimals during the first week of September.

Monday, August 27th……2-digit & 3-digit multiplication sheet all problems
Tuesday, August 28th…..long division with 1-digit divisor, all problems
Wednesday, August 29th……long division with 2-digit divisor Workbook pg. 38; also Multiplication Fact Quiz (combination of multiply & divide)
Thursday, August 30th……long division with 2-digit divisors, remainders & repeating decimals, pg. 43
Friday, August 31st……none

Enjoy your long weekend!!!

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