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Student Websites

NEW* I haven’t tried all of these yet, but they look fun!

Reading Passages and Questions: (excellent for home practice)

K12reader (extra practice for every subject)

RAZ-plus (a new way to assess a child’s reading level)

Author/Book Websites:

Jan Brett 

Nonfiction Author Studies

Animal Research sites: (Thanks, Hailey, for this article recommendation!)

All Things Science:

DKfindout (from animals, to space, to earth, to the human body and everything in between)

Math Practice:

Xtra math

The Piano Guys brain break videos:

For fun:

Social Studies: 

U.S. Presidents

50 Birds 50 States

2nd Grade History Sites

Long Ago and Today BBC

The Statue of Liberty:

The Liberty Bell:

The U.S. Constitution:

Other Symbols:

Carmen Sandiego (geography) day!

3 Branches of Government:

Fun New Website: Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government