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OMMS Updates from Dr. Larry Haynes

Dear Parents:

Each year we plan events to encourage and support our students in a variety of areas from quarterly Character Assemblies with motivational speakers to the eighth grade report card conferences that include the opportunity for me to discuss with students the importance of setting goals, preparing for high school while providing them the opportunity to review their grades and goals with adult mentors. Additional events involve the counselors visiting classrooms to discuss topics such as academic planning, career exploration, goal setting, bullying prevention, and substance abuse prevention.  On occasion, the above topics are discussed in school assemblies.  With regard to new legislation from the state, please read the information below, as well as the examples included in the link.  If you wish for your child to participate in these events this school year, please click the “yes” box.  If you do not, a “no” box is provided as well. 

Shelby County Schools

School-Provided Mental Health Services Opt-In Form

Beginning this school year, the state of Alabama requires all students younger than age 14 to have parent permission before participating in school-based mental health activities and services, which includes classroom guidance instruction.  Please click here to complete the opt-in form for each student who is younger than 14 years of age.

If you should change your mind after submitting this survey, you can opt-in or opt-out of mental health services by contacting your school’s principal at any time.  Thank you!