A Message from Dr. Larry Haynes

Dear OMMS Parents and Guardians:

ACAP testing resumes tomorrow (4/11) with the ACAP Reading/English Language Arts Assessment.  The OMMS teachers and staff are working diligently with our students to make sure they have a strong and positive experience throughout the state assessment process. 

Thank you to 6th and 8th grade parents for your support during the ACAP Science Assessment prior to Spring Break.  With only five days of testing ahead, we are hoping this will help our students avoid testing fatigue. The testing days are as follows:

Tuesday, April 11 –           English Language Arts (All grades)

Wednesday, April 12 –     English Language Arts (All grades)

Thursday, April 13 —         English Language Arts (All grades)

Tuesday, April 18 —           Mathematics (All grades)

Wednesday, April 19 –     Mathematics (All grades)

Since the results of these tests will provide insight on student mastery in addition to areas in need of growth for each subject tested, it is important that we provide as many supports as possible.  Here are some research tested methods to help students on testing days:

·         Get a good night of rest and sleep.

·         Eat a good breakfast that includes protein.  (The OMMS cafeteria will be serving high protein items such as sausage biscuits, bacon, egg, and cheese croissants, etc. on testing days.  The cafeteria will also try to have grape juice available on testing days.)

·         At the school level, we will test in the mornings, and observe a bell schedule that allows students an opportunity to have time with each teacher throughout the day.

·         Please keep in mind since testing cannot be interrupted, students will not be able to check in or check out prior to 10:00 a.m. on testing days.

·         There will be no homework assignments or major class assessments during testing.

Thank you in advance for helping this year’s state testing go as smoothly as possible.


 Larry Haynes, Principal