1. The Most thing I liked about Mount Vermion is The Blacksmith’s Workshop and how they make things.

  2. it was amazing the most intresting thing was the blacksmith that was awesome thanks for asking from carson later hope u have a good weekend

  3. My favorite thing about learning in the video confrence was when we learned about mrs. Washington.

  4. How they make bread my favorite part was talking about making bread.I hope I answered your questin bye

  5. I learned many things about George Washington, like that he always prefered to be called “The General”.Also about how they had made axes and rakes,different things like that.But the favorite part for me was when the man was making a axe.Also my favorite part was every time a question had came up and we got see what people thought that was true that really was not!

  6. hey mrs. t i can’t wait to i move i hope its in a few week’s my mom said we will move in a few week’s in less she change’s her plan’s i hpoe she does not change her plan’s i will miss every one even the one’s reading this right now i hope i see every one again i will come visit some time i will move back in 6 grade but i hope every one is safe wile i’m gone

  7. Mrs.Tolbert you are the awesomest teacher i have ever had and you make me happy to be your student. You are a good teacher and you deserve better than us.

  8. it must be cool to have your own blog you controll it and all im sorry if i don’t spell some of my word’s right

  9. The most interesting thing I leraned at the video confrence is how they capture the sun.

  10. Hi Mrs. Tolbert ! What are you doing for mothers day ? Well me and my sister are making my mom breakfeast in bed, and getting my mom a gift to. Well im going to play some games on your blog I hope you have a good mothers day week end.
    Good bye !

  11. Thank you, Jakiya!

    I am not really planning much right now. I would really like to go back home (to Mississippi) to visit my mom and dad for Mother’s Day weekend! I am not sure if my family will be able to.
    It sounds like your mom is in for quite a treat! She is going to be so surprised! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!

  12. Hi Paisley,
    You are an awesome student and I am so happy you are in my classroom this year. What do you mean “deserve better than us?” You are a great bunch to have in my classroom!!! 🙂

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