1. Hi Jake!

    We miss you very much and we are looking forward to you being all well and coming back to school! Take care of yourself, do what the doctors say, and come back to see us when you can!

    We love you Jake!

    Mrs. T.

  2. hi jake i hope you feel alot better i hope we will get to see you again this year your best bud cam

  3. Hi Jake,
    Jake i hope you feel better and follow directions from everyone. I hope i get to see you soon.

  4. Hi Jake,
    I hope you feel better soon.Me and the class miss you.We can’t wait to see you again.

  5. Hey Jake,
    I would like to tell you that I have been praying for you to get well.I hope you get better soon.I feel so bad for you.I hope that you and your family will get through this okay!You do not deserve to have to be hurt like this and in the hospital.So you need to get well soon!

    your friend,

  6. Hi, Jake
    We miss you so much . When I herd about the accident I was very upset. Now that I hear your better im not so upset. Me and my family have been praying for you . When I heard you were doing better I went home and I thanked the lord.
    Your freind,

  7. hey jake i know im a little late on saying get well but i hope i get to see you soon.Get better soon buddy

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