Oak Mountain High School Starts “Young Men on the Mountain” Club

Epps speaks at club photo
OMHS Assistant Principal Matthew Epps speaks to students attending a Young Men on the Mountain club meeting.

Young Men on the Mountain photoWhat started out as random hallway and office conversations between students and Oak Mountain High School Assistant Principal Matthew Epps has now grown into an organized school club that meets twice a month to teach leadership, life skills, and other important topics to male students. Young Men on the Mountain is open to all male students but currently is attended mainly by minority students due to the organic way in which it formed.

“Young Men on the Mountain was formed through conversations with some male students who expressed the desire to have a place to meet during SOAR60 to discuss things that were relevant to them,” said Epps.  “After sitting down with a few of them, they gave me topics and I reached out to some males in a variety of professions to come and share their successes and failures and how they persevered.”

Guest speakers to date have included Justin Williams—a realtor/business entrepreneur from Just-In-Time Realty Group, Zainu Tamimu—assistant principal at Sun Valley Elementary, and some of Epps’ fraternity brothers from Kappa Alpha Psi.

Richard Cade, founder of The Man Project—a non-profit mentoring program based in Birmingham reached out to Epps and began sending speakers also. Epps has invited Superintendent Lewis Brooks to speak at a future meeting along with Gary Johnson, a senior linebacker at the University of Texas. Former Alabama football players Chris Rogers, the founder of the TAP mentoring program, and Brandon Brooks, who now works as a financial advisor/investor are also slated to be future speakers. 

Epps said he can already see the difference the program is making in the young men it is reaching.

“One thing I have seen is two kids that previously had a conflict have now bonded as a result of this program,” Epps said. “Because of the leadership lessons, I also have observed a young man who is picking up trash in the lunchroom.”

Glynel Humphrey, one of the students participating in the club, recently emailed Epps to thank him for starting a club that really focuses on young men of color.  Despite being an athlete and active member of the Student Government Association, Humphrey said he still often felt lost and under-represented—until now.

“I love that you have invited young men from each grade to join the club and the idea of dressing up professionally on the days we have meetings is a great way to bring positive attention to the young men of Oak Mountain,” Humphrey wrote in his email to Epps.

Humphrey goes on to suggest future topics for discussion, various opportunities for bonding and team-building activities.

“This ensures that we hold each other accountable and grow to love our fellow brothers,” he wrote.

Epps said Young Men on the Mountain club members are already coming up with ways to support and show their love to fellow member Taelyn Carter, whose father Sergeant Wyt Carter was recently killed in the line of duty while serving with the Birmingham Police Department.


5 Comments on "Oak Mountain High School Starts “Young Men on the Mountain” Club"

  1. Much needed program at a time when poor decisions effect a lifetime of opportunities.
    Thank you Principal. I am an OMHS Eagle Mom who is eternally grateful for the positive impact OM had on my son. He graduated college, on a football scholarship, and is now working in his career job. Programs like these create future leaders. Treat our Youth with Greatness, and they will fulfill this expectation.

  2. I’m Keith A.Miller,Sr.,of Racine,Wi.53402 area,one of several proud uncles of principal Epps,this young man was born to be a great leader,he has always inspired others w/in the family. I just got a chance to read this incredible blessied project in its entirety.when the opportunity present itself,I will definitely be picking my nephew’s brain w/the idea of adopting his program and bringing it to Racine,we no doubt can benefit from such an awesome program ourselves,I/we love you principal Epps/your Wisconsinites families.!!!!!!

  3. Lavona Vinnette Wormely | January 26, 2019 at 1:07 pm | Reply

    Every school , church from the students beginning in elementary, middle and high school needs a program that will reach and teach young boys and men the core values of leadership , characters, morals and values along with parents teaching the same concepts. It is programs which help males will inspire reduce crime , reduce drug use /selling, teach student how respect theirselves , value education in academics and trade skills and many other attributes . Let’s all . forward this article to all pastors. and parents , principal and start the Male mentoring challenge and make this go viral. Thanks to all male/female mentor organizations!

  4. Lavona Vinnette Wormely | January 26, 2019 at 1:27 pm | Reply

    This is time , effort , caring , and starting this program shows you care about the whole child not just test scores but you have taken time build a relationship with students and open door to your office for the students and you didn’t place academics stipulations to it , but you welcomed the young men and now the young men will reach goals short term and long term goals . The young men will have guidance And support in social media world, reputation, academics, college/trade college decisions , a go to person when facing challenges. The best part of this is instead of you sitting in office complaining well you stepped out of norm of what
    high school principal job description and added a duty you are totally invested in helping young men achieve like the speakers you are bringing in . I feel this same way and can attest with same comments about the mentor organization my son is a member of TAP Together
    Assisting People ,under the leadership of Mr. Ray Anderson and Mr.Chris Rogers. I speak highly of TAP Leadership and this organization because you are in a school where most principal are not mentoring , guiding and leading the young males but they are busy just working within state/ school system requirements.

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