Welcome Back!

NJHS Members,

I will be calling a meeting soon—and most likely we will meet during Advisory because it seems we get a better turn out then. For now though, if you collected any volunteer hours over the summer, make sure those hours are documented and signed by the adult who oversaw your duties.

Here’s a link to the Individual Community Service Hours


Additionally, are you looking for an opportunity to gain some (more) volunteer hours? Check this out from Mrs. Smith the OMHSAB Treasurer:

We need some help with the inflatables at the sports festival on Saturday

Eagle Day volunteers can sign up at the following link : https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/showSignUp/4090C4BAEA72AA5F85-2016

We could always use some additional parent volunteers.

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Thursday, April 27th

Meeting with 8th Graders Regarding TAPPING

The following is a recap of what all was discussed at this afternoon’s NJHS meeting:

  • Assignments: As always it is your responsibility to complete any and all make-up work. I would give your teachers a “heads up” sooner rather than later.
  • Assignments: Additionally, anything that is due on the tapping date IS STILL DUE! Do not use your NJHS responsibility as an excuse for not turning something in on time.
  • Behavior: Throughout the “tapping afternoon,” the 7th graders will be looking to you to set an example regarding behavior. Because your attendance is not necessary during this time, you will be asked to leave should you choose to act inappropriately. BEHAVE OR GO BACK TO CLASS! Furthermore, if you are asked to leave this event, you will not participate in the Induction Ceremony either!
  • Responsibilities: While some members will be going to tap 7th graders out of classes, the vast majority of you will be doing next to nothing…just kind of waiting. Be prepared for that…because after all, it’s still better than sitting in class, right? Ha!
    • Additionally, before you ask me if you can go tap students out of classes, please know that I will be coming to Tapping with those students already chosen. In other words, I will let you know what I need you to be doing.
  • Refreshments: We will serve a small snack at this event. 7th grade students will eat FIRST. 8th grade students will eat LAST. You were given this same special treatment last year!
  • HELP! Finally, I need students to help with ushering 7th grade students to their correct seats during the Induction Ceremony. At this time, I believe I need 16. If you are interested in that, please sign the sign-up sheet that will be posted on my B-7 door starting tomorrow (Friday, April 28th) morning.
  • Finally: All Service Hours should be turned in by three o’clock Monday, May 1st. If you do not have at least TEN hours on file at that time, you will not be participating in TAPPING or INDUCTION.
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Monday, April 10th

7th grade students who are being considered for National Junior Honor Society met with Mrs. Gingras today during Advisory. An application packet was given to each student present for the meeting. Mrs. Gingras WILL NOT be replacing lost packets; however, students are welcome to print out an additional copy via this link: NJHS Application Packet 2017-2018

As was stated throughout the meeting several times, no 7th grade student has “made” OMMS’s NJHS; however, the students Mrs. Gingras met with today are being CONSIDERED for this service organization.

All paperwork is due back to an NJHS sponsor (preferably Mrs. Gingras) by Monday, April 17th.

Further information regarding membership into the NJHS will be given to eligible students at the beginning of May.

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Monday, December 5th

OUTSTANDING JOB TODAY, STUDENTS!!!! I could not be more proud of you! Thank you for making good decisions today, remembering who you were representing, and having a willingness to support those in need.

Remember, those of you who shopped today earned SIX service hours. You DO NOT have to complete any paperwork regarding these hours though. I will update your files accordingly.

What a great day!!!



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Monday, November 28th

A meeting was held this afternoon during 7th period Advisory to specifically cover the Toys for Tots shopping trip. If you missed the meeting, you will need to read the letter (linked below) and follow the instructions…..otherwise, you just might miss the opportunity to go shopping with us.

Concerning the DRESS CODE for Monday, December 5th: 

Female NJHS members who wear leggings or jeggings to school on Monday, December 5th WILL NOT be permitted to go shopping.

Male NJHS members must wear a belt AND tuck in their Toys for Tots shirt in order to be permitted to go shopping on Monday, December 5th. Shirts must stayed tucked in from from 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM.

All members are required to wear their Toys for Tots shirt on Monday, December 5th in order to go shopping as well.

Finally, to date, FIFTY-ONE members do not have enough hours to go shopping on Monday, December 5th. All members must have three volunteer hours on file by 3:00 PM Thursday, December 1st in order to go shopping. NO LATE HOURS WILL BE ACCEPTED! 

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Friday, November 4th

NJHS members should have picked up their Toys for Tots shirts today from Mrs. Gingras’ room. If you were absent and did not get yours, feel free to go by B-7 Monday morning.


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Thursday, October 27th

An NJHS meeting was held this afternoon to discuss Toys for Tots posters. Additionally, we discussed service hours as I have over eighty students who have ZERO hours on file. If you have service hours, fill out the appropriate paperwork and get it turned in ASAP. All members need to have at least three hours on file by Thursday, December 1st in order to go Toys for Toys shopping.

TFT posters will be due upon arrival to school Monday, October 31st. Posters should be no smaller than half a sheet of standard-sized poster paper. Posters should have all the important information as stated on the informational handout (the WHAT?, WHEN?, HOW?, WHY?). Posters should be visually appealing. I understand that not all students are artists; however, each poster should represent the student’s best effort.

Also, below you will find a letter that you can take out into the community to verify our Toys for Tots drive. Feel free to print it out and show to anyone that may question if you are truly accepting donations for this worthy cause.

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Wednesday, October 26th

There will be an NJHS meeting tomorrow Thursday, October 27th during 7th period Advisory. We will be discussing volunteer hours (some of you have NONE on file with me) as well as the Toys for Tots poster. Below you will see the poster informational handout. I will have a handful of copies on hand tomorrow while supplies last; otherwise, you will need to print out this informational handout and follow its directions.

See you all tomorrow afternoon during 7th period Advisory.

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Tuesday, September 20th

We met in the lunchroom today during Advisory and discussed specifics including the NJHS Letter (below). Letters should be signed and brought back with dues ($45) by Monday, September 26th.

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Thursday, September 15th

There will be an NJHS meeting Tuesday, September 20th during 7th period Advisory. The meeting will be held in the cafeteria. 

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