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Happy Friday and Labor Day! You deserve a long weekend (and more) to celebrate all the #wins you’ve achieved through our crazy new normal of 2020!

I wanted to thank all those who have sent in sanitizer and cleaning supplies! I’m really impressed with the students and how well they’ve done with the COVID guidelines and their good attitudes. 

I have heard from multiple teachers what a lovely, wonderful group of students I have, and that is the TRUTH. I can’t wait to see all my students together and hit the ground running, bringing the fun back to learning as best as I can. 

I’ve been delighted to hear from several parents that the writing routine we use to start the writing block, “free writing time” has allowed for student choice and creativity to write and draw about whatever story comes to mind. We’ll be working with the story over the next few weeks to turn it into a narrative that will be published! I call that a win!

Finally, a fun thing that my kids have really gotten into this year is the morning dance and bye bye dance. We try to move and take breaks for our social-emotional-mental-academic health because movement helps with all the above. I know they get a lot of things in PE, but a teacher blogger I follow, Brent Vasicek, has some awesome morning routines that we’ll be incorporating more as we come back together. The past few weeks, the kids have enjoyed a couple of kid-friendly videos (which I always preview) by Just Dance. There are similar ones in Clever on GoNoodle. It gets them moving and engaged and thinking at the beginning and end of the day. I even dance with them sometimes! I call that a win!

Mrs. Haglund, the librarian, and I talked about digital citizenship today regarding “stranger danger” on the internet. Just because you can be talking with someone through an app or a game, it doesn’t mean you can trust them. You never give out personal information about yourself or others. Unless you know a person already, can see their face that they are who they say they are, or unless a parent knows them, consider that a “Stranger Danger” situation.

Mrs. H said YouTube Kids is a safe place for students, but it’s not a good idea to browse on the regular YouTube website without an adult. With all the technology today, we just mention these things to help them navigate the new world we’re living in, as well as meet the digital citizenship technology standards.

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