“when you see the stuffed big bird, take a right”

driving directions on the mobile marathon…

“world order” by henry kissenger – wonderful book – really great framework for understanding how the world works – why china does what it does – why the middle east is messed up – the adage, those that don’t read history are doomed to repeat it – we’d do well to listen to statesmen and their wisdom instead of making up policy as we go

“1D” – their autobiographies – the soccer references were awesome – one got to rehab at chelsea football club – jealous

“100 sideways miles” – recommended YA to me – but i can’t recommend it – not a great book – but hey, the author is well on his way in the world now so he doesn’t need my ringing endorsement (one thing that bugged me, he made a point in his “author information” to say that he doesn’t watch TV – still, he wrote the stupidest book i’ve read in a long time – so was the TV thing supposed to mean he was smart???)

“jeter: unfiltered” – photo books are awesome – i “read” 240 pages in a day – i love baseball anyway – obviously, i would’ve liked more of jeter’s story – he’s getting his feet with publications though so i may get the story eventually – class act

sorry i’m late