“…these questions all come from a play you’ve never read: much ado about nothing…”

we’ve had midsummer night’s dream questions before – maybe a 12th night – can’t remember a much ado – so that was cool

“angel: after the fall” – ah, graphic novels – unlike my buffy experiment in the fall, i “got” this one – i followed it way better – it helped that there was a whole section at the end with director notes – i mean, when it’s explained to you, hey, you can’t help but get it – i think all authors should include such for those of us that are slow on the uptake – but yeah for angel comics!!!

“chasing perfect” by bob hurley – longtime NJ basketball coach – 27 state titles – story of his life – of his oldest son’s (went to duke, played for the sacramento kings – survived a terrible car wreck) – and of his perfect teams – the most interesting being his like ’04 team that seemed to disrespect everything he wanted – but just kept winning – i’ve had classes/years like that with kids – so the story of his teams was interesting

“one for the books” – rather snobbish – i did get some recommendations from reading it though – basically, a book about reading books – as such, it becomes a “what to read” and “what not to read” and probably only one person matches his true taste – so i would’ve preferred a kinder, gentler author – but it wasn’t terrible b/c hey, it was about books:)

“run the race” – hebrews 12 – explication on the passage – running the race before us – i had high hopes it would be very much about running and faith – instead, it was more about faith – but that was okay – the cloud of witnesses was explained way better than i’d ever heard before

reminder: you memorize shakespeare this week – you don’t have to blog