and we’re back…

wow, three days w/o the blog makes one weak (pun intended)

“open your eyes” – william m let me borrow this one – inspiring read before my mobile race – good mix of first person and explanation from another POV – keeping hope can be the toughest thing to do in life

“the book of games and warm ups for group leaders” – definitely not what i expected – i expected a book on games and warm ups for group leaders:) instead, i got more of an eastern religious text about acceptance, non-competitiveness – and some strange games – i did find two that were good though – so that was good – but lots of touching in the games that we’d never do in our class:)

“below” – one book away from completing elem BOB – this one was good – really liked it – mystery – history – and just about what’s below eventually comes to the surface – good metaphor for much of life

happy blogging