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Ye olde mid-January post…

Dear readers,
Just think… in a few months, it’ll be warm (at least, I’m hoping – that’s about all that’s getting me through this right now..)

since i have plenty of indoors time right now, i’m definitely prolific in terms of reading – finished “write it when i’m gone” – an off-the-record book a reporter did with president ford that was to be published when ford died (he passed away in ’06) – i guess what i enjoyed most about the book was some of the details from the 1970s – an era i’m not too up on

started “where men earn glory” by jon krakeur – a book about pat tillman – a pro football player who left the nfl after 9-11 to join the army rangers – he was killed by friendly fire in ’04 in afghanistan – the book has been a good read – even though it’s tragic – very motivating

on the treadmill, i’m reading psalms (read 90 of them in the last two days) and the ny times magazine for this week – i’m currently reading an article about the battle for florida’s senate seat – two republicans trying to out-republican each other

guess that’s most of it for now – hope you all have happy reading weeks


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

okay, post here for jan. 4-8-ish

as for what i’ve been reading, i read the entire new testament last week on the treadmill as i ran 108 miles (not all the treadmill but with the sub-artic temps, lots of those miles) – i guess what struck me this time was the number of times the prophecy in isaiah of people seeing but never truly seeing was mentioned – like at least five times

i read a running book about cross country in kentucky in the 1970s – coach butcher era – also am 3/4ths of the way through a book on the boston marathon – a mile-by-mile deal

read “dutch” – a book on ronald reagan – didn’t enjoy the book nearly as much as i did the first time i read the book – the author sort of wrote it in quasi-historical fiction – confusing what was real and what wasn’t – but in his defense, he didn’t get reagan and thought this was the only way he could

hope your week is a good one


Blogging through the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh…

like, i don’t have to blog this week b/c mean old mafeld was visited by three spirits and saw that tiny daniel c would die if he continued to blog so mafeld’s heart grew three times larger that day and he decided no blogs over the holidays…

wait, that’s me:)

so anyway, just to update the reading, i read several good things over last week

“food, girls and other things i can’t have” – story of a fat sophomore who lands on the football team and all the sudden gets popular – and gets his girl – for a while – sort of every insecure boy’s dream (even the secure ones) – decent story – not sure that the theme of “look out for yourself b/c no one else is looking out for you” is particularly uplifting – or true – although sometimes i wonder…

“thirsty” – by mt anderson – absolutely loved it – published in 1997 – before twilight – story of a boy who’s becoming a vampire – and he has to try and save the world – but he messes up – and he’s not sure who to trust anymore or what to do – because even his own family is ready to kill him if he is a vampire – much better, at least for guys, with the vampire thing – and a good story about what to do when you can’t make things right – and nothing seems right

“paradise lost” – john milton – read books four and five – there are 12 in the epic poem – satan is now in the garden – tried to tempt eve in her dreams – one reason i love the story is that it’s like historical fiction – about 400 more pages than the story in genesis so you can sort of explore more what might have gone on back then

i’m likely going to the library this week to get the sequel to “100 acre woods” – winnie the pooh – i have several running books i want to get to over the break – and i have a bama football book i found, autographed, this weekend at the thrift store (including another autographed book by a famous runner) – lovin’ the thrift store for books…

happy break/merry christmas/happy new year


Blogs for the week of Dec. 7-11

Last week for 2009 – oh, where has the time gone…

last week, i read andrew zow’s autobiography – zow was a quarterback at alabama my last three years i was there – so i learned a bit more about the drama that was going on back then – some of it i knew – most of it i didn’t – anyway, i enjoyed it so much i read all 175 pages in a day – of course, some of my enthusiasm might have been for the bama game

i also read “the year of the hangman” – highly recommendable – a historical fiction book with an alternate history – that the british had won the revolutionary war in 1776 and now it’s 1777 – the story is told from the POV of a british teenager who gets sent to the colonies – and his adventures

finished that book in two days and then read on “paradise lost” and the article on sports illustrated’s sportsperson of the year – derek jeter – before coming back home and getting eli gold’s autobiography – gold is bama’s sports announcer – i saw him in the press box saturday – great guy – good book so far (36 pages – i did have to watch a dvd yesterday evening – hoosiers – indiana basketball – pretty cool)

guess that’s it for now – hope your last week of journaling is great


Week of Journals, Nov. 30 – Dec. 4

Okay, so I read the late Senator Kennedy’s autobiography over T-Day weekend – pretty good – one lesson I learned was that politicians have to be optmistic in public – or at least they should be

I’m now reading “Paradise Lost” by John Milton – or re-reading it – written in the 1600s so every time I read it, I learn something new (this is the second time to read this book – read it originally a year ago)

Let’s see if this works and you can respond


I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention

I know this will come back to haunt me at some point, but in case you truly are lost w/o your community of Twilight support, there is a Twilight Convention this summer in Dallas, Texas – imagine, you could be surrounded by the actors and fellow fans – I’ll leave it to you to figure out what the website is that has the information… oh, and if you go to TwiCon 2009, don’t let me know:)

 honestly, i thought the whole thing was funny when I read about it (yes, i am still reading:)