OMMS PTO Feed the Need Fundraiser Message

You guys have been doing a great job of raising funds for our school and you’ve been getting some really cool prizes….so far, a lot of you have already gotten a homework pass, a pass to sit with your friends at lunch, and a late assignment pass…. well, it’s not too late for those of you who haven’t! You can STILL register, and you can STILL win the prizes I just mentioned… and the prizes I just mentioned….well, that’s just the start. Anyone who raises $50 during Spring Break will be entered into a drawing for 4 VIP tickets to a game of your choice this season! Raise $100 and entry plus T-shirt and access to the packing party!

We’re gonna pack 10,000 meals on April 7th at the end of this fundraiser and part of the money that we raise is going to go towards doing this and part of the money we raise is going to benefit our school. We are partnering with Oak Mountain Missions as well as Grace Klein so we are helping people in OUR community! It’s important not only to care about our school but it’s equally important to care about those in need and this fundraiser is about both.  So, let’s show that we care about both of these things, and get out there, and start raising money tonight, tomorrow, and the rest of next week.  You guys are doing great so far!  Let’s keep it going!

Thank you!