Week of Sept 28-Oct 2, 2020

Hi! All of this is also posted in Schoology. There are a few handouts that I could not post here but they are available in Schoology. If you are absent please check schoology for these handouts.

Monday –Today we worked on a study guide in class and then went over it. Students are to complete the last question ( a 5 sentence discussion question) by Wed. to be graded. We then played a gimkit review game.¬†Cell Test Wednesday!¬†Study all pages in your binder from pgs 7-15¬†

Cell Study Guide

Tuesday¬† –¬†Students will complete a nearpod with review games and a short organelle riddle quiz built into the nearpod. The link will be available in Schoology on Tuesday.¬†Cell Test Tomorrow ! Study all pages in your binder from pgs 7-15¬†

Wednesday¬† –Students will take the Cell Test in class. Classwork after the test to be completed for HW – Cell Review Color By Number Jack-o-Lantern ( See Schoology if you are absent for this handout – I cannot post it here!.)¬†Open Note DSQ Bellringer Test on Monday!

Thursday¬† –¬†Students will complete this nearpod with the teacher ( if you are absent you will use this link to do in student mode¬†¬†¬†Nearpod – Thursday¬† ) and then write the notes into this notesheet on Passive and Active Transport( see schoology for this handout – I cannot post it here! )

Friday¬† –Students will work on the Reading Guide on Cell Transport. This is due Tuesday. Use the pdf file of the textbook chapter to answer these questions on the worksheet I give you in class. ( you can print this out or write the answers on a sheet of notebook paper if you are at home)¬† See schoology for the Cell Textbook Chapter – I cannot post it here!

Cell Transport Reading Guide

Open Note DSQ Bellringer Test on Monday! Make sure you have all entries ( in the binder in the front of my room  – I do not list online) numbered and both the question and the answer written. 

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