Week of Oct. 5-8 2020

Instructions for this Week- Read First

Monday –¬†Today we will take the Open Note Bellringer DSQ Test¬† – this is 90 gold points and we have gone over the expectations on this since the first day of school. After the test you will complete the Ed Puzzle in schoology in this weeks folder on Cell transport – Amoeba Sisters. We will check the Cell Transport Reading Guide from last Friday tomorrow. Step 1 – Egg Demonstration. ¬†

Tuesday –¬†We will go over the Reading Guide from Friday for a grade. We will do Day 1 in the Gummy Bear Osmosis Lab. Each row will be a group and measure and weigh a gummy bears to put in different solutions. We will observe our results and re-measure and weigh the bears again tomorrow and complete the accompanying lab sheet.¬†Day 2 Egg Demonstration.

Gummy Bear Day 1 Labsheet

Wednesday –¬†We will review cell transport and complete Day 2 of the lab and fill in the blanks on the labsheet.¬†See me for the day 2 labsheet. Day 3 Egg Demonstration.

Thursday¬† –¬†End of the nine weeks! Today we will watch Louis Pasteur Video and complete the questions afterward and discuss.¬†See me to get a copy of this handout. Day 4 Egg Demonstration.

Friday – No School Teacher Workday

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