Week of Oct. 12 – 16th 2020

All of this is in schoology with all of the links – some links I cannot post here on a public page. I do a blog as well so parents do not have to login and can get an idea about what we are doing for the week. Students can see this same agenda plus have all the active links needed in schoology. Please go to schoology if you are quarantined to see what you need to do each day.

Monday¬† –¬†Today students will complete the nearpod on the intro to the cell cycle. Please enter your last name first and then your first name in this nearpod on the cell cycle.The link to this nearpod is in schoology in this weeks folder.

Cell Cycle Quiz – Friday 

Tuesday –¬†Today you will complete the hard copy I give you of the reading guide using the textbook pdf file in schoology. Remeber page numbers are at the bottom of each page in this textbook file. When you complete this you will login to flocabulary ( link below. where you have an assignment in Science assigned to you ( like you have done before in English). We will check the reading guide tomorrow and the flocabulary lessons are due Thursday.¬†

Cell Cycle Reading Guide that I give you in class ( if you are at home on quarantine you will need to print this. Go to schoology for the link to the textbook.

Picture to Draw on Back of Reading Guide ( Click on this and you will draw it on the back of your reading guide)

Flocabulary.com Lesson ( login with google and click on Science to see your assignment) 

Wednesday – Today in class we will go through a power point on the Cell Cycle and check the reading guide from yesterday. Students will act out the cell cycle in class using props. 

Cell Cycle Powerpoint Slide Show

Cell Cycle Quiz Friday! 

Thursday – Today students will do the chromosocks lab using tube socks and poster board to act out the stages of the cell cycle. We will play a review game for our quiz tomorrow on the cell cycle. 

Friday –¬†¬†Today students will take the Cell Cycle Quiz and will then use the textbook chapter link¬† from Tuesday ( see schoology link) to work on the Mitosis Pick Two Assignment Due Monday.¬†

Mitosis Pick Two

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