Tuesday March 10th


Today we begin the Digestive System! Students did a KWL chart in their notebooks and were given a new table of contents for this 9 weeks. We discussed the beginning of digestion and saw a 6 min video clip of the digestive system from an endoscopy camera. Students were given class time to work on the foldable due Thursday on beginning digestion ( from the mouth to the stomach).

Foldable directions

Monday March 2nd


Today students learned about the Integumentary System and we discussed the ways out skin protects and helps us. Students were given a reading guide on skin after the ppt presentation and video clips. HW is to create a small poster on the back of the worksheet that is colorful and contains text and pictures informing others on how to protect and take care of their skin.  Benchmark Test Friday!

Skin Reading Guide Classwork/Homework