Week of May 13-17 2019

Monday – today we observed the sheep brains and pointed out structures in the whole brain as well as the sagittal dissection. Students saw the cerebrum ( frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, and temporal lobes as well as gyri, sulci, and fissures) , cerebellum, brain stem ( midbrain, pons, and medulla oblongata) , optic nerve, olfactory bulbs, and the pituitary gland. Students were then given time to begin the study guide in groups. The study guide is due tomorrow and is for the benchmark on the Nervous System on Wednesday.

Tuesday – Check study guide and play review games for the benchmark

Wednesday – Benchmark and eye vocab

Thursday – Eye ppt and Sheep Eye Dissection

Friday – DSQ Open Note Journal Test ! The senses nearpod

Week of May 6-10 2019

Monday – Test tomorrow! Use this link to a padlet board to review – it contains a study sheet, three games, and a video. Study all of your notes – foldable, reading guides, note sheets also!


Tuesday – TEST DAY! Field Day tomorrow – wear sunscreen!

Wednesday – Nervous System notes on PNS and CNS and video clips

Thursday – Brain notes – Phinnaeus Gage Story and Brain Color and Brain Teaser HW

Friday – Sheep Brain Disssections

Our Benchmark will be our Nervous System Test on Wed. May 15th!

Week of April 29 – May 3rd

Congrats to these students who made Eagle Ambassador for the 2019 – 2020 school year.. Everyone who tried out did a great job and it was so hard for the judges to judge. Just know that we would have loved to have taken everyone of you guys!!!!!!!


Monday – Today in class we reviewed the male and female systems. Students were given back their “Meet the Glands” drawings and held up to present to the class and read a quick line or two that they wrote. HW is to finish the foldable on the male and female systems.

Tuesday – Check foldable, video clip on fertilization, notes on fertilization, fertilization reading guide HW

Wednesday – Menstrual Cycle notes and Articles

Thursday – Mrs. Gilmore out for PD – Tic Tac Know on Human Development due at the end of the period.

Friday – Prenatal notes and video clips. Test on human reproduction on Tuesday! Test Review Games Below


Use the code 536249 on the quizizz game below!


Week of April 22- 26th 2019

Monday – Today students checked vocab and turned in the ” Meet the Glands” activity from last week. They completed a “Digital Breakout” on the Endocrine System using the chromebooks. We will have a quiz on the endocrine system on Thursday.

Tuesday – Students will watch a ppt presentation and video clips on Robert Wadlow, the world’s tallest man. They will then construct a graph of Wadlow’s height and weight compared to an average boy’s height and weight at different ages.

Wednesday – Students will work on a study guide and review sheet for tomorrow’s quiz ( I will be out today).

Thursday – Quiz Day and Vocab for Reproduction

Friday – PPT and notes on the male and female systems.

Week of April 15-19 2019

We have almost made it to the end of the year! Yay! Last week we dissected the sheep hearts and learned about heart procedures and testing for heart disease.We also did a blood typing lab to figure out which grandkids could give grandma and grandpa a blood transfusion  This week we are getting ready for our unit test on the CVS and taking standardized tests in Reading and Science

Monday- CVS Study Guide. Students were given 40 minutes in class to work on this. They were allowed to work with a partner during the last 20 minutes if they wanted to. This is due Tuesday.  

study guide

Tuesday – Review the study guide and play review games for test on Friday! 

Wednesday – We will begin the Endocrine system notes and foldable ( due Friday after the test) 


Quizizz Circ System

kahoot it


Thursday – Meet the Glands endocrine Activity ( I will not see 3rd period on this day) 

Friday – TEST DAY ( After test finish the foldable and meet the glands