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Hedgie Corner

Gus Gus is my pet hedgehog’s name. He is around 3 years old!

He likes to sleep in his igloo all day and since he’s NOCTURNAL, he runs in his wheel at night.

When you first wake him up, Gus balls up and breathes really loud and fast. When you hold him and move around with him, he comes out of his ball. He also comes out of his ball when he gets a bath. Hedgehogs can swim! I put baby shampoo on a toothbrush to bathe him and clip his toenails. I clean his cage and sheets once a week and put a small scoop of catfood watered down in his bowl.

The more hedgehogs are handled, the friendlier they get. They can smell you and hear you but they are nearly blind. Loud noises scare them easily. Hedgehogs can hibernate in the winter, but it has been bred out of them to be able to wake up from hibernation if it’s below 72 degrees. So I keep a heater on Gus in the winter. He likes the summer though!

Here’s a little video about hedgehogs!

Here are a few fun facts about them too!

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