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Fireside Chats with Mrs. Brock “Corona-March” 2020

Hey students!

I just wanted to say hello since we’ve been home for a week! I hope you all are staying active, having fun and staying well!

I made this video because I remember when an old president, FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt) used to have Fireside Chats at a time in the 1930’s and 1940’s where there were hard times with money around the country and World War II.

Check out these pictures from back in the day!

FDR would sit and talk on the radio because they didn’t have TV, internet, tablets or computers back then. Families would sit by their fireplace in the living room and listen to the president talk and encourage the people of the country.

Here’s a link to Mrs. Brock’s Fireside Chat!

Here’s more information on fireside chats!

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