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Sign up for the SAT
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ACT vs. SAT? – What the difference between the tests?

While both the ACT and the SAT are college admissions test whose scores are accepted by all colleges and university, there are some key differences between the ACT and the SAT. The best way to find out which test is best for you is to take them both.

Check out these infographics for some of the differences between the tests!

Cost of ACT and SAT
Without Essay$52$49.50
With Essay $68$64.50
Late Fee$30$30
Send Scores$13$12
Understanding your ACT and SAT Score Results

Did you just get your ACT or SAT scores back and you want to know what it all means? Check these resources below to help you understand what you are looking at!

Create an ACT Account and register your Pre-ACT Scores

Create and ACT account and link your Pre-ACT scores your account. Linking your scores to your account will provide you with personalize test prep via ACT Academy.

ACT or SAT? – Which test did I score better on?

The concordance table below will show you how your scores on the ACT would compare to the SAT and vice versa. It is not a perfection prediction of how you would score on the other test, but it can give you a strong idea where your score would be.

ACT/SAT Test Prep

Check out the CHHS Test Prep & Tutoring resource page for for information about classroom style, web based, and self-paced ACT/SAT test prep programs.

ACT & SAT Fee Waivers

Two ACT and SAT Fee Waivers are available each year to Junior and Senior students on free or reduced lunch. Please contact your grade level counselor for the fee waiver.

When should I take the ACT/SAT for a college eligible score?

The time frame to take the ACT/SAT for a college eligible score is from the beginning of your Junior year to December of your Senior year. During this window, students will already have or will currently be covering the content they will need to know to be as successful as possible on the ACT/SAT.

At Chelsea, the ACT with Writing will be given to students during March of their Junior year. The students results from this test is a college eligible sore and can be submitted to college and university for admission.

How many times should I take that ACT/SAT?

Students should plan to take the ACT/SAT at least 3 times. After getting the results back from the 3rd test, you will have a good idea of the score/range your future score will be in.

Students are able to take the ACT/SAT as many times as they would like, however it is recommended to not take ACT/SAT more than 6 times. Individual circumstances may call for you to take it more than 6 times, although at this point research has shown that your scores will remain around the same average.

Sending ACT/SAT scores to Colleges and Universities for Admissions

On testing day, when filling out the demographics, students will be an opportunity to send their scores from the test they are going to take to 4 colleges/universities.

It is recommended that you send your scores to colleges/universities for the test you are going to take since it is free. If you were to send your scores after the test, it would cost you $12 -13 per score report to each individual school you wanted to send them too.

Keep in mind, that even if your don’t happen to score as well on the ACT/SAT you are going to take, that colleges/universities will be looking at your best scores. So, if you happen to send test scores that are not your best, colleges/universities will not hold them against you.