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Congratulations to Ashli F!

Troupe 8105 from Helena High School sent their first performer to the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln-Nebraska in the form of Ashli F. While there, Ashli attended a week’s worth of performances, workshops, and networking events. She also competed in the Monologue category where she had to introduce and perform 2 monologues in no more than 3 minutes. In a category that contained over 100 different performers from across the country, Ashli was chosen as 1 of 3 to perform her monologue performance for the entire festival as an example of a superior performance at the Individual Event Showcase which is the highest honor a festival participant can receive! We are proud to have Ashli in our troupe and representing us to the theatrical world as the young professional she is. Below is a picture of her performance for the entire festival.