10 thoughts on “Serial Shakespeare: A Comedy of Errors”

  1. Randomly breakers ino song *waffle time, waffle time, do you want a waffle of mine?* ” I’ve already told you greystripe, I DON’T KNOW WHAT A WAFFLE IS! “Firestar doesn’t like waaafffles!!! (random voice) “Firestar dosent like waffles? (Another Random voice) “firestar dosent like cookies!!!” Blablablabla all discussing firestar hate of waffles (firestar)”AGHH!! Im surrounded by IDIOTS!!!!!!!”

    Random video quote of the day FIRESTAR DOSNT LIKE WAFFLES

  2. Mr. Mayfeild too much information!!!
    All though the part that wasn’t info was cool. It was like a mix of your personal life and the comedy of errors all bundled up in one package.
    Who is Dr. Mafeild???
    How many episodes are there going to be???
    How many podcast are in a series???
    Sooooo many QUESTIONS!!!

  3. Bri, please listen to the podcast. This will be good for you, I promise. You’ll be ahead of the other kids your age in GRC.

  4. Rachel, we dont want her to think we are all psychopaths. Btw: geometry math team probably placed at Briarwood’s tournament

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