Daily Archives: August 20, 2020

OMMS August 20 Daily Announcements

Every in-person student must sign and return the field trip/med release form on page 14 of the student agenda and acknowledgement form on page 15 of the student agenda. These are located in the front of the student agenda, before the daily calendar begins. These are required forms for students’ records and are due to your ELA teacher by August 28.

Due to increased traffic volume on Hwy 119, please try not to arrive for carpool prior to 7:15am.  Students should not be dropped off before 7:15am due to the fact there is no supervision available at that time.

All season tickets have been sold.  Parents may pick up purchased season tickets in the front office on Monday, August 24th.

Take a look at our BSN Back to School promo until August 31st.  http://sideline.bsnsports.com/schools/alabama/birmingham/oak-mountain-middle-school


Spectators will park in the lot between OMMS and OMES as usual. However, everyone will enter through door #6, gym entrance door, to proceed to the field. Everyone will exit the stadium through the rolling gate as in the past. Tickets were pre-sold through GoFan and can be redeemed tonight at the gate. All students must be accompanied by an adult. Children should remain with their parents throughout the game. 

We ask that families sit together, but that those from different households maintain a socially distanced 6-feet between one another. All spectators are required to wear a mask. 
Anyone who bought tickets after Sunday should bring a lawn chair as your seating will be on the track. 

Thank you!