Over the weekend…

Easter 2009 010You are to find two songs that fit the theme of your portfolio project.  Write down the titles/artists and the lyrics (or print off) on the sheet that I gave you today (Friday).  Have your parents approve the lyrics please.

You guys did a great job this week, researching and  finding two poems that fit your theme! Next week we will be analyzing one of your poems, making sure you have at least one prose example and writing a commentary on it.  On Friday, we will be in the computer lab typing these up. 

Have a good weekend and Happy Easter!

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4 Responses to Over the weekend…

  1. Caleb Criss says:

    Great homework over the weekend? 2 songs shouldn’t be too hard since there are so many songs out there…have a good weekend Mrs. Culver!

  2. Tyler Davis says:

    I did my homework Mrs.Culver. (:

  3. Lee Short says:

    Wow, your blog puts mine to shame! I may snoop around on yours and steal some ideas on how to use mine. 🙂

  4. Your faviorite student says:

    those eggs look pretty good!

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