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Benchmark Review

Tomorrow is your English benchmark.  It is a skills based assessment, which means you won’t find questions specifically about any of the texts that we have read, but rather, questions on the skills you learned in relation to the texts. … Continue reading

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Thursday, Jan. 27

Great site to learn more about Victorian England, which is when Great Expectations is set.   Multiple Choice Vocab Unit 4 Test tomorrow.  Today in class we read an article from The Economist called “Curl Up With a Good Screen.” … Continue reading

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Coming up this week

Monday—quiz on 14-18 Wednesday—multiple choice test on 10-19, turn in vocab story for unit 4 Thursday—journals due–20 entries and SOPHOMORE REGISTRATION sheets due. Make sure you have the course numbers on there, the right teacher signatures, and that it’s in … Continue reading

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Wednesday Night, Jan. 12

First of all, regular school hours tomorrow. Homework: Read chapter 7 of Great Expectations and fill out your rolesheet so you’ll have something to help you in the literary circle discussion tomorrow. You’ll be discussing chapters 1-7, not chapters 1-10 … Continue reading

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Tonight, I want you to settle in a comfy chair, sip some hot chocolate,  pull on that Snuggie and read chapter 5 of Great Expectations. Make sure your vocab unit 4 is done. I’m giving you extra time to do this so don’t … Continue reading

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Monday Roll Call

Remember you are to read chapter four of Great Expectations for your homework. (Make sure the link goes to chapter four and not chapter five automatically…)  Audio version of the book! HERE!!! No school  so… you should read chapter five … Continue reading

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Vocab test taken…grades were either extremely high or extremely low. Few “in between” grades. Definitely shows me who studied! 🙂  Put vocab books up until January. The rest of November and the short time we have in December before Christmas … Continue reading

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So tomorrow we have the test on vocabulary units 1-3.  After this test, from now on, vocab tests will be divided up by units.  For example, unit 4 test, unit 5 test, etc.  I think it will make it easier … Continue reading

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Which Vocab Words Do You NOT Know??

Test on Wednesday. 100 points! Unit 1 admonish cumbersome efface relinquish breach deadlock muddle salvage brigand debris opinionated spasmodic circumspect diffuse perennial spurious commandeer dilemma predispose unbridled   Unit 2 adjourn erratic illegible subjugate alien expulsion jeer sully comely feint … Continue reading

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Homework over the weekend!

Test on these vocabulary words (Unit 1,2, and 3) on next Wednesday. If you are an auditory learner, this link will really help you!!! Homework is to write a short story using as many of the vocabulary words as possible. … Continue reading

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