Coming up this week

Monday—quiz on 14-18

Wednesday—multiple choice test on 10-19, turn in vocab story for unit 4

Thursday—journals due–20 entries and SOPHOMORE REGISTRATION sheets due. Make sure you have the course numbers on there, the right teacher signatures, and that it’s in ink.  Also, of course, make sure you and your parents sign it.

Friday—Lit circle role sheets should be done and you should be ready to discuss chapters 10-19 with your group.  After lit circle, matching vocab unit 4 test.

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4 Responses to Coming up this week

  1. izzy says:

    so many turns of events!! ahhhh!!!!

  2. Savannah C says:

    😀 i think im prepared

  3. izzy says:

    i wasnt prepared for that tho!

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