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Week of September 23-September 27, 2013—Ninth Grade

Parents, Today the ninth grade counselor, Mr. Shane Howard spoke to my ninth grade classes about GPAs, the importance of grades now that they are in high school—how it can affect their college choices, and we also distributed the results … Continue reading

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Thursday Homework, November Calendar, and Photos!

  Eighth period parents/students: Today I gave the in class essay back to 8th period only to finish at home. We did not have time in class to finish. Parents, please help your child with basic advice, but do not write … Continue reading

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Homework for weekend

Advanced English—read chapters six and seven, complete the questions and vocab for 1-5 (Gave entire period to catch up and do this in class, should give you guys a good headstart.) English 9–Read chapter 4, finish questions for Ch. 1-2, … Continue reading

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Today I was so glad to be back. 🙂 Advanced classes took the quiz on chapters 2 through 4 of To Kill a Mockingbird, and 2nd/8th took the quiz on chapter 1. Tomorrow I will give a quiz on chapters … Continue reading

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Weekend Homework

Advanced classes:  finish chapter 9, then read chapter ten and eleven this weekend. You have 3 days so that should be plenty of time. Have a great weekend.

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Creative Kids!

My students wowed me with their TKAM projects. They had many choices when it came to what they wanted to do. Trent, above, made a Power Point.  Zach H. made a 3D map of Maycomb. Others made newspapers that detailed … Continue reading

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2 Singers and 1 Puppet Show

Marlin, Savannah, and Dylan/Alex’s puppet show—-TKAM projects

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J Mac and Alex’s Puppet Show & John’s Song

Right here.

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Worth 100 points. I WILL NOT TAKE ANY LATE PROJECTS UNLESS YOU HAVE AN EXCUSED ABSENCE ON MONDAY. NOT KIDDING. Remember to look carefully at the TKAM PROJECT SHEET and make sure you have followed instructions. ***** In class today, … Continue reading

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Monday, November 1

Couple of things: 1. No homework—just work on that TKAM project that I moved to next Monday, Nov. 8th.  No projects will be taken late since you’ve had so much extra time. 2. Here is the link to the obituary … Continue reading

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