Week of September 23-September 27, 2013—Ninth Grade


Today the ninth grade counselor, Mr. Shane Howard spoke to my ninth grade classes about GPAs, the importance of grades now that they are in high school—how it can affect their college choices, and we also distributed the results from last spring’s ARMT testing. ┬áPlease ask your child if you can view the report.

The September calendar is not right–we have had to reschedule some items. This is what the week should look like:

Monday/Today–counselor came to class

Tuesday, September 24: I will be absent, but the students will complete Daily Reading Practice for Monday and Tuesday (Week 7…skip Week 6). ┬áStudents will complete summary squares for chapters 4 and 5 in their folder. ┬áStudents will complete a 2 sided worksheet. One side is called “An Interesting Character in To Kill a Mockingbird” and the other side is about being “Provincial”. ┬áThis goes into their folder when they are finished. ┬áFinally, students should complete the vocabulary they began last Friday. Also goes into their folder. ┬á HOMEWORK IS TO READ CHAPTER 6 of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Wednesday, September 25: Daily reading practice, week 7, Wednesday. ┬áReview DRPs for Monday through Wednesday. Students will add a summary square for chapter six as soon as we review four and five squares. ┬áStudents and I will review the work they did yesterday. We will also review the questions from chapters 1-3 and any vocabulary they had problems with. ┬áFinally, we will review the subject/verb grammar work they did last week. ┬áHOMEWORK IS TO READ CHAPTER 7 tonight! ­čÖé

Thursday, September 26: Daily Reading practice, week 7, Thursday. Summary square for chapter 7 TKAM, Students will get into groups and identify specific places from To Kill a Mockingbird on the Alabama/Mississippi/TN map.  Students will put in their folder and we will begin reading chapter 8 in class.  HOMEWORK IS TO FINISH READING CHAPTER 8 TONIGHT.

Friday, September 27: Daily reading practice, week 7, Friday.  Quiz on chapters 1-8 TKAM.  Students will complete work on how to determine theme through character study, concentrating on a passage from TKAM.  Begin reading chapter 9 in class.  HOMEWORK IS TO READ CHAPTERS 9 and 10 over the weekend.

October calendar is being worked on. Have a good week!

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