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Week of September 23-September 27, 2013—Ninth Grade

Parents, Today the ninth grade counselor, Mr. Shane Howard spoke to my ninth grade classes about GPAs, the importance of grades now that they are in high school—how it can affect their college choices, and we also distributed the results … Continue reading

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11th: Read chapters 4 and 5 before I see you Wednesday.

The Great Gatsby Chapters 4 and 5 combined from FrustratedTeacher Here is a nice review of chapters 4 and 5 of Gatsby.

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11th Grade: Chapter 3 Questions for The Great Gatsby

Chapter 3 questions for The Great Gatsby: 1. Describe Gatsby’s wealth. List some of the things that represent wealth. 2. What kind of people come to Gatsby’s parties? 3. Why did Nick Carraway go to the party? 4. How does … Continue reading

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11th Grade: Chapter 2 Questions, The Great Gatsby

Answer these tonight as you read Chapter 2. 1. What is the “valley of ashes”? 2. What are “the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg?” 3. Who did Tom take Nick to meet? 4. Identify Myrtle and George Wilson. 5. What … Continue reading

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9th Grade Test Postponed

Because of family business, I must be out of town tomorrow. I have postponed the test on “Cask of Amontillado”, “Lady or the Tiger”, “Ballad of Birmingham” and all vocabulary terms we discussed today to FRIDAY. Notebooks will be due … Continue reading

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