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Happy Halloween

If you dress as a ham, I want a picture. Be careful and watch out for the Bob Ewells of the world.

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2 Days of Computer Lab Rm 107

See you there on Thursday and Friday. Bring rough drafts! No homework if you are done with your drafts. If you would like to work on your TKAM project that is due Monday, November 8th, you should.

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Writing Essays…

Today we started writing our To Kill a Mockingbird Essays.    They were instructed to take their rough drafts home and complete the drafts at home.  Tomorrow we will proof read their drafts and write a better version. Thursday and Friday we will … Continue reading

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Today students did grammar warm ups, turned in their folders for folder check (major grade), and then watched more of TKAM video. Tomorrow we will begin writing our rough drafts for the TKAM essay in class. No homework other than … Continue reading

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TKAM Domino Review…

Tried a new review type game for TKAM last week. Only tried it with second period though.  Turns out it has some kinks in it…oh well! Not every idea is a winner! 🙂  Kudos to my second period kids for … Continue reading

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Hope everything went well with the sub today. No homework other than working on your TKAM project.  Have fun with it.

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PTA/Open House Tonight

6:30! See you there! Test tomorrow—Ch. 11-31 Folders due on Monday instead of Friday.

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Today we did a review activity with clothespins and index cards!  Students also worked on a classwork assignment called “Hey, Boo”. If you are absent today please make that up. While they worked, students watched the beginning of the classic … Continue reading

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Great Way to Practice Your Vocab!

Sadlier-Oxford » Vocabulary Games & Puzzles: Level D. Seriously–go play Hangman or any of the other games that use your Unit 1 and Unit 2 words.

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Hello!  The drawing included in this post is one artist’s impression of what Boo Radley looked like. Do you think he/she got it right? Don’t forget, Open House PTA is on this Thursday evening! 6:30. I’m looking forward to meeting all of … Continue reading

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