Happy Halloween

1031bookIf you dress as a ham, I want a picture.

Be careful and watch out for the Bob Ewells of the world.

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10 Responses to Happy Halloween

  1. Savannah C says:

    hahaa, I wonder if anyone did dress up as a ham???? xD

  2. alex warren says:

    i did but i didnt take a pic. sorry ms. culver

  3. Savannah Nicole says:

    My cousin went dressed as a TURKEY like the animal i will posty a pic on me facebook for all the world to seeeee!:) I feel devious!:)

  4. C.W says:

    nope, ninja for me 😀

  5. Janci Johnson says:

    nope.. I didn’t think of that.. i was a ghost..

  6. jose cuicahua says:

    i didnt dress up i got locked outside while handing out candy to kids and then i got sick from eating candy! 🙁 🙂

  7. Alexys Tracy says:

    OMG!!! My halloween was awsome. I love all the candy i got. I went camo. But sadly all the chocolate i got had penut butter in it and i cant eat penut butter. But anyways nice chatting 🙂 bye

  8. Juan Quijada says:

    Mrs.Culver I dont think that anyone dressed up as a ham. Well I know I didnt. What did you dressed up as Mrs.Culver???????

  9. jculver says:

    I was dressed up like a lady in her TV watchin’ clothes.

  10. hahaha i think next year someone should be like all blue and everyone else be ducks! haha jk. not really.

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