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Rain. Romeo and Juliet. Verb Tenses.

This weather is awful.  Anyway, we are reading Act III of Romeo and Juliet in class this week and doing some grammar work.  Benchmark is December 15. We get out for Christmas break on the 17th. Homework tonight: Writer’s Choice … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

I’m very thankful for all of my wonderful students! Parents, we finished up Act II of Romeo and Juliet and they watched the video of Act I and Act II (1968 version).  When we get back after Thanksgiving, we will … Continue reading

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Today in class we read as much of Act II of Romeo and Juliet as we could and turned in our journals.  They have been writing one entry a day for 3 weeks, totalling 15 entries (at least half a … Continue reading

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Vocab test taken…grades were either extremely high or extremely low. Few “in between” grades. Definitely shows me who studied! 🙂  Put vocab books up until January. The rest of November and the short time we have in December before Christmas … Continue reading

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So tomorrow we have the test on vocabulary units 1-3.  After this test, from now on, vocab tests will be divided up by units.  For example, unit 4 test, unit 5 test, etc.  I think it will make it easier … Continue reading

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Which Vocab Words Do You NOT Know??

Test on Wednesday. 100 points! Unit 1 admonish cumbersome efface relinquish breach deadlock muddle salvage brigand debris opinionated spasmodic circumspect diffuse perennial spurious commandeer dilemma predispose unbridled   Unit 2 adjourn erratic illegible subjugate alien expulsion jeer sully comely feint … Continue reading

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Homework over the weekend!

Test on these vocabulary words (Unit 1,2, and 3) on next Wednesday. If you are an auditory learner, this link will really help you!!! Homework is to write a short story using as many of the vocabulary words as possible. … Continue reading

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Test on Act I Friday

Folder due on Friday as well.  Test on Act I—total of 200 points between the test and the folder. Be ready! Fashion during Romeo and Juliet’s time…

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Creative Kids!

My students wowed me with their TKAM projects. They had many choices when it came to what they wanted to do. Trent, above, made a Power Point.  Zach H. made a 3D map of Maycomb. Others made newspapers that detailed … Continue reading

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2 Singers and 1 Puppet Show

Marlin, Savannah, and Dylan/Alex’s puppet show—-TKAM projects

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