Homework over the weekend!

IMG00713Test on these vocabulary words (Unit 1,2, and 3) on next Wednesday. If you are an auditory learner, this link will really help you!!!

Homework is to write a short story using as many of the vocabulary words as possible. Underline or highlight the word as you use it.  Also, complete the section marked Unit 1-3 Review in the vocabulary book. We’ll review on Monday.

Today in class we took the Act I Romeo and Juliet test, turned in homework (questions after Act I on page 721), turned in folders for folder check 2, and did vocabulary work.

The vocab test is tough, so please study!!!


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10 Responses to Homework over the weekend!

  1. grrr. vocab is very longgggg.

  2. also my shield thingy is just to the left of the capulet picture!

  3. C.W says:

    yea! storys are my strong points, expecialy when I can make them up. be prepare for having swords 😀

  4. Jose C. says:

    they look like tombstones upside down

  5. C.W says:

    Ya know, I’m already working on a story, but now, I’m going to make this on as a story too. Why must I be so interested into writing?

  6. jculver says:

    Jose, that’s interesting that you see that in the shields/coat of arms, since the play is a tragedy and so many people die in it…hmmm…deep!

  7. Savannah C says:

    You will love my short story!! 😀

  8. Jose C. says:

    My short story is about a young girl who wants someone so much that she lets this deep want inside of her to take over her mind and control and threaten every one around her. ( thought about it when i heard and found out the meaning behind Lady GaGa’s paparazzi song!)

  9. Savannah C says:

    Jose, I’m scared to hear your story :/

  10. Jose C. says:

    Ha savannah don’t worry you’ll be able to read the full version later or maybe even tomorrow! who knows!??

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