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J Mac and Alex’s Puppet Show & John’s Song

Right here.

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Worth 100 points. I WILL NOT TAKE ANY LATE PROJECTS UNLESS YOU HAVE AN EXCUSED ABSENCE ON MONDAY. NOT KIDDING. Remember to look carefully at the TKAM PROJECT SHEET and make sure you have followed instructions. ***** In class today, … Continue reading

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Thursday, Nov. 4

So we read Act I, scene one in Romeo and Juliet today.  Be sure you are keeping your new folder in order (should have three things in there now).  Finish your coat of arms for Capulets, Montagues, or the others. … Continue reading

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Wednesday, Nov. 3

[youtube][/youtube] Well, I missed a day. That’s what you get when you have bronchitis. Which one of you gave me that? 🙂 Remind me to clean desks with the Clorox Wipes tomorrow. Today we started reading information about Shakespeare, did … Continue reading

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Monday, November 1

Couple of things: 1. No homework—just work on that TKAM project that I moved to next Monday, Nov. 8th.  No projects will be taken late since you’ve had so much extra time. 2. Here is the link to the obituary … Continue reading

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