Thursday, Nov. 4

So we read Act I, scene one in Romeo and Juliet today.  Be sure you are keeping your new folder in order (should have three things in there now). 

Finish your coat of arms for Capulets, Montagues, or the others.

See you tomorrow!  You can leave the vocab books in lockers until next week. We are moving very slowly with that vocab, in case you haven’t noticed.

Due Date for TKAM project—in 4 days—Monday, Nov. 8  100 pts

Progress reports—next Friday!

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3 Responses to Thursday, Nov. 4

  1. Alex the beast Warren says:

    So far i actually like Romeo and Julliet ir more imtertaining than TKAM

  2. Karlaaaa Cont. :) says:

    Rome and Juliet seems like such a good book. The only bad think is that i can’t understand what in the world it is saying.!

  3. you know you spelled romeo wrong right? haha

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