Writing Essays…

Today we started writing our To Kill a Mockingbird Essays.    They were instructed to take their rough drafts home and complete the drafts at home.  Tomorrow we will proof read their drafts and write a better version. Thursday and Friday we will be in the computer lab typing it up.

I took pity on my students and moved To Kill a Mockingbird Project to Monday, November 8th.  That will give them more time and also allow them to enjoy their Halloween weekend without worrying about it.

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12 Responses to Writing Essays…

  1. Juan Quijada says:

    Thanks for moving our project. I havent started so I think that I should start doing something this week. Thanks again.

  2. Juan Quijada says:

    Also, Im really worried because I didnt finish my rough draft in class but hopefully Ill be done by tomorrow.

  3. veronica rivera says:

    hi mrs culver do u mind getting my make-up work together so i can get it on thursday when i get back to school i had an injury in one of my soccer games and i have been in the hospital but i am doing good now

  4. Lauren says:

    mrs. culver
    i got you a present its nice and funny but its not a bunny can you guess what it is?!?!?! ill give it to you tomorrow. 😀

  5. alexys Tracy says:

    Hey! I cant wait to turn in my essay. hate to brag but i stuck my foot in this essay. it’ sawesome.
    P.S. I already started on my prodject and im buring the CD this week!! You are going to love the songs on there. Again hate to toot my own horn but toot toot!!!!!! 🙂 bye
    Love you Mrs. Culver
    Your the best!!!!!!!!!!

  6. brittany says:

    I’m not to good at writing essays, BUT I am thinkin’ my project is pretty awesome(: and like alexys, i’ll gladly toot my beautiful eastman trumpet xD

  7. jose cuicahua says:

    HEY! Mrs.Culver you will be speechless when me and jonathon do our puppet show! 🙂

  8. Savannah C says:

    yes:) now i have time to improve my guitar chords for my song!!

  9. Juan Quijada says:

    I hope that someone in my class does a puppet show. I really want to enjoy a funny puppet show. So please someone in mrs.culvers second period class do a puppet show. Also, I hope that we can listen to some of the songs that Alexy’s is using for her project. 🙂 🙂

  10. Dylan Kuper says:

    Hey ms culver.. guess who… its ur bestest friend…dylan…

  11. Brandon Jacobs says:

    Mrs. Culver, what room number is the computer lab? I hope i find it when i go to first period.

  12. tanner lee says:

    Thanks Mrs.Culver! xD it was really sweet of you to let us enjoy our Halloween weekend. i’m going to…. go to sloss furnace this weekend with some friends aaaand … it’s going to be a blast… soooo. THANK YOU! 😀 Once again, thanks alot. Have a Happy Halloween! xD

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