Today students did grammar warm ups, turned in their folders for folder check (major grade), and then watched more of TKAM video. Tomorrow we will begin writing our rough drafts for the TKAM essay in class.

No homework other than working on TKAM project, which is due on Monday, November 1st. That is a major grade.

If you are not done with Unit 3 Vocabulary work, get it done!pencil

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6 Responses to Monday

  1. Savannah C says:

    do we do the section reviews for 1-3? It kinda looks like a test, so that’s why i’m asking

  2. Jen Culver says:

    No. Don’t do that yet.

  3. Juan Quijada says:

    I hope you have our folders graded by firday. Also, I really want to see how I did on the test. I hope that you dont forget to give them out someday of this week. ASAP please…… 🙂

  4. Dylan Kuper says:

    can u grade my test.. i wanna know if i failed.. i probaly did

  5. alex needham says:

    haha dylan way to have high spirits

  6. alexys Tracy says:

    I wasnt here today, so i hope i can turn in my stuff tomorrow becuase i have it all done so im ok.:) bye

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