Thursday Homework, November Calendar, and Photos!


Eighth period parents/students: Today I gave the in class essay back to 8th period only to finish at home. We did not have time in class to finish. Parents, please help your child with basic advice, but do not write the essay for them! 🙂    Some students were already finished, so they did not take it back from me to finish. 

ALL CLASSES, including 8thHomework is to finish the worksheet started in class on chapters 23 and 24.  Don’t forget to define the vocabulary.  This is a 31 point grade. One point a question/vocab word.  Will be graded for accuracy!For an extra point, write the word: Y2K BUG at the end of this worksheet.

Tomorrow:  DRPs for Week 10 and 11=25 points, Homework=31 pts

Here is the NOVEMBER CALENDAR!!!!november2012

8th period—finish essay——>worth 50 pts.

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