The Week Ahead…Oct 29-November 2

The Week Ahead:

Monday, October 29:      WEAR ORANGE TO STAND UP TO BULLYING!  First period class with highest percentage of orange shirt wearers could win a free doughnut and juice breakfast!

 Turn in DRPs 9/10 if you were absent on Friday. Start DRP Week 11.  Summarize chapters 25, 26, and 27 together on foldable.  Read chapter 28 and 29.

Tuesday, October 30:  Summarize chapters 28 and 29, read chapters 30 and 31 since they are so short!  We will finish the book!! If we don’t finish 31 in class, we will finish tomorrow in class.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 HAPPY HALLOWEEN! If we did not finish the novel yesterday, we will before we start the movie.  Finish summary sheet of the novel.  Begin movie. Here are some reviews of the 1963 classic!  While we watch, we will keep up with the differences between the movie and the novel.

Thursday/Friday: Finish the video.  If time permits, we will review your in class essay and we will discuss common errors I found and how to fix them.  Essay number 2 is coming up next week (Thursday and Friday).

Test on 12-31 is next WEDNESDAY and FOLDERS due then too.

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  1. Donna Brandenburg says:

    Found a great Orange Shirt! Seems quite popular for some fans….
    However, with his black jacket… looked like Hoover colors! :}

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