Thursday, Jan. 27

Great site to learn more about Victorian England, which is when Great Expectations is set.dickensjewishman

  Multiple Choice Vocab Unit 4 Test tomorrow.  Today in class we read an article from The Economist called “Curl Up With a Good Screen.” We found the main idea, highlighted words and phrases we didn’t recognize, and then wrote our opinions about the topic.  You can read the article here. 

Then we worked on a worksheet together–the causes of Pip’s expectations and its effects…

THEN we read chapter 20 in class, which described Jaggers’ law office and which included a shocking scene. Which scene was it?

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3 Responses to Thursday, Jan. 27

  1. Jamie Thompson says:

    jaggars coming to his office and turning people away by threatening them

  2. jculver says:

    The Jewish character and the way Dickens referred to him…sign of the times…sadly enough.

  3. Jose says:

    Was i the only one who noticed that and told you mrs. Culver?

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